Arthur the social portfolio app

Arthur 1.0.3

We have fixed some smaller bugs.

Arthur now also has a new icon.

Arthur 1.0.2

Arthur no longer uses an In-App Purchase to unlock the full version. The app itself is now a purchase for new customers, existing customers will get the full version free-of-charge. Consider this Arthur's new years gift for you.

We've also made a change so that the on the iPad Retina, the images now have full Retina resolution if available on 500px or Flickr.

To make sure your portfolio is up-to-date, Arthur will now offer you the option to refresh your portfolio on startup every time an update is detected.

Arthur 1.0.1

Arthur would like to apologize for the bugs that slipped into the 1.0 version. Arthur needs to learn that slow and steady wins the race.

This update solves all reported crashes that occured with the initial release.

People reported crashes on iPad Retina devices when doing slideshows or looking at the big versions of pictures, Arthur now handles this properly.

There were also reports of people of having troubles to add their Flickr account, this has been fixed as well.

Also, Arthur learned a new trick and that's playing a memory game. You can now play a memory game with random photos which Arthur will select from your portfolio. You can access the game from the side menu.

Arthur 1.0

Initial release

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